Step into a world of realistic training environments with Simmersiv's range of simulators. Here, professionals can hone their skills using our innovative hardware, tailored to mimic real-world scenarios.

Step into a world of realistic training environments with Simmersiv's range of simulators. Here, professionals can hone their skills using our innovative hardware, tailored to mimic real-world scenarios.

Our key benefits


Elimination of energy and raw material running costs from recruitment and training processes. Unlimited number of simulator trials at no additional cost.


Authentic reproduction of the working environment without the risks associated with real-world scenarios or potential damage to equipment.


Ability to train individuals from anywhere in the world and supervise each simulator session remotely through online platforms.


Enhanced training efficiency through accurate representation and immersive experiences of the simulated environment without the constraints of specific tools or machinery.


Reducing the carbon footprint and material waste of training and recruitment processes, contributing to environmental sustainability.


Tailoring software to company needs and individual skills, reducing training time and enhancing learning efficiency.

VR Welding Academy for training youth in welding

The Dig in Vision Virtual Reality Welding Academy is the first educational solution for the welding industry and professional welding training.

Created in collaboration with the Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, The Welding Academy offers a world-class first solution for immersive welding training. The Academy educates young people in progressive modes, followed by hands-on VR sessions of increasing difficulty.

Presentation of the technology

The session offers an introduction to the MIG/MAG welding method. The theoretical material provides initial knowledge and basic terminology.

Welding station

Description of the welding machine and basic elements of the equipment of the welding machine. In the presentation we discuss: welding torch, power source, welding helmet, shielding gas tank.


Introduction to the specificity of welding parameters and their influence and impact on the welding process of samples

  • Gas & Mask: demonstration and introduction to the role of the mask in the life of welders and the role of shielding gas

  • Voltage and current: how voltage and amperage Influence the complex welding process in the MIG/MAG method, in particular the shape of the weld bead

More than VR welding

Dig in Vision offers a unique VR training solution that can be tailored to the needs of a wide range of customers in the welding industry. While other products on the market focus only on teaching welding examination samples, the solution offered by Dig in Vision provides a complex Virtual Training Center, allowing for not only the welding of both small and large-scale industrial objects but it is also prepared to facilitate other crucial technical courses in the future, i.e. robotic and circular welding.

The Dig in Vision Virtual Welding Center provides typical testing scenarios used in welding academies and allows the organization to tailor the welding course to their needs. Cloud computing is used to analyze each of the welding attempts, providing the trainee with the final score and suggestions on how to improve. Dig in Vision also provides an online web panel to manage the welding courses, instructor accounts, as well as the trainees reports on their welding attempts, containing their detailed analysis.

Custom space and objects

As an option, we offer customization of the workspace as well as objects and samples used for the training. You can reflect the welder's real future job position to best prepare them for their duties.

Amazing Portable VR Welding set

Our solution is based on globally accessible devices. The standard customer kit includes:

High performance laptop ready to start training

Meta Quest 2, thanks to which the student will be able to enter the world of virtual training

An adapter designed by us that realistically reflects a real welding torch

Handy compact suitcase

You can immediately use our VR welding set and start the virtual training anywhere!

Sample Types

Presentation of the basic welds used in the metallurgical industry.

T-joint vertical
Butt Joint
T-joint horizontal
Pipe to plate
Pipe horizontal
Pipe inclined


Practice practically after the theoretical sessions. Each level introduces more complex and advanced tracking:


Speed and trajectory


Speed, trajectory and stick-out


Speed, trajectory, stick-out and welding angle


Full tracing of all

Evaluate your progress and certify your skills

The Dig in Vision Virtual Reality Welding Academy offers the VR Welding Certificate. Graduates who have completed all theoretical and practical sessions of the welding academy will be eligible to receive the Dig in Vision RV welding certification. The certificate confirms the completion of all sessions with indication of the score of the individual sessions and the final certification mark. The Dig in Vision Virtual Reality Welding Academy certificate confirms that the knowledge and skills acquired are available through the Dig In Vision WebPanel and can be sent, printed or attached to the student welding training manual.

The Certificate Issuance Management System allows each student to access and purchase their own unique VR Welding Certificate and use it to bolster their job search, position and professional program suggested purchase: 50 EUR)

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