Step into a world of realistic training environments with Simmersiv's range of simulators. Here, professionals can hone their skills using our innovative hardware, tailored to mimic real-world scenarios.

Best Forklift Operator is an excellent training tool rooted deeply in the serious games genre. This solution can be used as an attractive introduction to a full-time training provided to the newcomers to the industry, while also serving as an excellent training resource for seasoned operators.

Our key benefits

Realistic simulation

Highly realistic simulation experience of operating a forklift, allowing trainees to get a taste of what it's like to work in a warehouse or logistics industry.


Safe and controlled environment for new employees to practice and improve their abilities, which can be easily transferred to real-world scenarios.

Cost-effective training

The solution can help reduce the expenses associated with physical training equipment, resources, and potential accidents during training.

Problem solving

The game presents different scenarios and challenges in cargo handling, promoting problem-solving and quick decision-making skills.

Rapid skill development

Trainees can easily enhance their skills in forklift operation, including driving, maneuvering, and loading/unloading cargo.

Attract next generation

Gamification: Engaging and interactive training experience

Our simulator incorporates gamification elements, captivating the attention of the next generation. By transforming the learning process into an enjoyable and immersive activity, younger individuals are more likely to be attracted to pursuing a career in forklift operation. The simulator includes features such as realistic graphics, challenging scenarios, and rewards, making it both educational and entertaining.

Technology-driven learning: Embracing modern advancements

To attract the next generation to become forklift operators, the simulator leverages cutting-edge technology. Incorporating virtual reality (VR) capabilities, the training provides an immersive experience, allowing individuals to operate virtual forklifts in various scenarios. By utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, learners can acquire practical skills while becoming familiar with the technology they are accustomed to, catering to their interests and helping to shape their future career choices.

Safety focus: Inspiring a responsible mindset

Safety is a paramount aspect of operating a forklift, and this simulator emphasizes its importance. This not only attracts the next generation by prioritizing their well-being but also builds trust among employers and potential customers, as safety-conscious operators contribute to a more secure work environment. With this simulator, individuals learn and practice safety measures in a risk-free virtual environment, ensuring they are well-prepared for actual real-world scenarios.

Feels like a game, works like a training

Immersive VR Experience

With a realistic driving model specifically designed for VR, our simulator delivers an unparalleled level of immersion. From operating heavy machinery to navigating challenging environments, users will feel as though they are truly driving a forklift.

Authentic Real-World Physics

Experience the true-to-life object physics that mirrors the behavior of real forklifts. Our simulator accurately replicates the weight and movement of objects, providing an authentic and challenging experience for operators, enhancing their training and skill development.

Engaging and Versatile Gameplay

Boasting high production quality and a range of game modes, including a captivating career mode, our simulator offers endless entertainment and replayability.

Product reviews

Best Forklift Operator is the best-rated forklift simulator on the market (9/10 based on over 150 reviews).

“I was a forklift operator for 2 years and this game is about as close as you can come to driving a forklift.”


1.4 hrs on record

“Sehr realistische Steuerung - nicht ruckartig oder zu schnell - auch beim Heben und Neigen - optimal.”


1.8 hrs on record

“Great simulator and a lot of fun! This should be used by companies for employee training.”


3.1 hrs on record

“Damn this is fun. You can’t tell from looking at the screenshots but driving this thing is pure joy. It somehow touches your inner kid.”


14.3 hrs on record


Our simulator is designed for customers seeking a compact, portable, and versatile solution.

Software and Hardware symphony

The software seamlessly aligns with the physical components of the simulator, ensuring they are in perfect harmony. The movement platform, pedals, and steering wheel, along with the virtual buttons and objects in the simulation, amalgamate to construct a unified training ecosystem.

Details are important

An individual undergoing training can acquire knowledge using authentic industrial manipulators. The actuators utilized in the platform contribute to creating a genuine sensation of machinery in motion.

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